Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This piece of garbage is anything but a stimulus plan. The devious Liberal ideologues in charge are using scare tactics to jam social engineering down the citizenry's throat. If the CBO says that 75% of this idiot handout package will not be spent for 2.5 years and aside from the Great depression, and Jimmy Carter's administration, recessions have never lasted that long, what is the purpose of this Christmas tree? In economic terms, "stimulus" means CREATE NEW JOBS nothing else. This load of malarkey does nothing of the sort. However, this scam includes another ridiculously ginormous lie. The Democrats say to address the concerns of the Republicans; their bill includes $330 billion dollars in tax cuts. TAX CUTS????? There are no new tax cuts in the bill unless you consider extending the expiration dates of the current tax rates which President Bush put into place, as new tax cuts. What the disgracefully disingenuous Democrats are referring to as a tax cuts are clearly welfare hand out payments to 60 million Americans- who do not pay one flat penny in Federal taxes! If this isn’t a form of income redistribution, please tell what is? As always, the liberal elites need to create fraudulent titles for their actions in order to disguise their motives, for the ideas which their whims are based, possess no intellectual merit.

The Democrats are effectively redefining the definitions of established English language words and verbiage, to push through their agenda. This is a serious situation. How is a hand out a tax cut? It would be like paying someone to take something away for free and referring to this gift as giving that person a “discount”. It is blatant nonsense! Historically, it has been the duty and responsibility of the free press (media) to shed light on and expose politician swindles, however today’s mainstream media bias has made this procedure a thing of the past.

The truth/ facts are something liberals refuse to acknowledge. Business activity creates jobs, Business and Capital Gains tax cuts spur the economy; monetary stimulus, not fiscal stimulus spurs the economy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ACLU Liberal Stupidity

Again the ALCU continues its efforts to push our Country towards idiocy. For one to believe in ACLU liberalism, it is necessary for that person to purposefully dismiss all prior knowledge they have attained through education, prior experience or simple common sense. The stupidity required to avoid racial profiling is unconscionable. It is contrary to human development. Just as a wise shopper, avoids paying the higher price for the same item offered by two different suppliers, intellect needs to guide policy. Allowing the ACLU’s far-left liberal lunacy to govern the standards our Government utilized to protect our National Security is utterly ridiculous. How can anyone justify policies which legally mandate the application of the identical threshold criteria be used to determine whether to search an 87 year old Caucasian grandmother for explosives as Security officers must utilize in order to search a group of Muslim men in their 20’s.who are praying aloud in Arabic as they walk at the same location?

The barbaric idiocy of security protocols absent race, age, gender and National origin are inexcusable. Imagine your boss assigning you the task of choosing a company basketball team, which will defeat a competing Company’s already established team. You are to choose 10 players from a pool of 100 candidates which your employer has provided. If you fail to pick a winning team, your future employment will not be secure and you will no longer be eligible for a scheduled salary increase. Although a severe consequence, it pales in comparison to the potential death and destruction associated with allowing a terrorist into our Country through Airport Security. To fully comply with our Nation’s absurd ACLU driven anti-discrimination doctrine, you are not allowed to consider the age, height, size, overall health, athletic experience, ethnicity or gender of the 10 players you pick for your company’s team. In turn, these requirements force you to disregard all intellectual knowledge you have gathered throughout your life relating to statistical advantage and common sense. Following the far-left, liberal non- discrimination model, you could not choose a healthy, 24 year old, 6’11” male (who started on his College basketball team) over a 56 year old, slightly overweight, diabetic female employee, based on any of the aforementioned criteria. I imagine, you would need to next evaluate and compare some other non-relevant to your goal metric before you could pick one person over the other. Does anyone actually apply such decision making foolishness in the real world?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Liberal idiocy is root of today's fiscal crisis

The far left liberal siege of our Country is the root cause of our current problems. In forcing the nonsensical lending policies of the Community Reinvestment Act on our financial institutions, the dishonest, feel-good policy pushing idiots in Congress, created our current economic turmoil. Next they systematically played on the ignorance of the hoi-polloi to stir up fear, subsequently allowing them to propose an outrageous socialist remedy, which history has proven will bury our economy for decades.

Their goal is to create a subservient population which can be manipulated to serve their elitist income redistribution scheme. Regardless of the hype, in 2008, the GNP of the United States surpassed the GNPs of the second, third, fourth and fifth largest Nation economies on the planet combined. The United States did not attain its status pursuing the policies of our stagnant socialist allies.

 Last year, the German Government did somersaults after learning that its GNP increased 1% over the last decade. Have we forgotten that in the US, we expect a minimum of 2% a quarter?
Final point, never in the history of mankind has raising taxes on the affluent, increased the total revenue taken in by the Government. Without exception, when the Government lowers tax rates, total revenue receipts increase. This premise is irrefutable. How can a sane person justify spending a trillion dollars on new programs while at the same time increasing the tax burden?