Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jimmy Carter and the lowlife despicable Race Baiters

The underlying premise used by race baiters to base their argument is flawed. They employ a ludicrous line of reasoning, which is aimed at ending the conversation and unjustly destroying the credibility of alternate opinions. Would it be fair to declare racist all Black men, who disagree with opinions put forth by white men? Following that line of reasoning, only serves to discredit the integrity of people offering tenable criticism. Open discussion and the exchange of ideas, including constructive criticism, is precisely what our system is all about and what makes it work. Evoking the "Race Card" is cowardly, lacks intellectual heft and amplifies the weakness of one’s argument. It represents a sure-fire way to change the conversation and force an off point response, which has nothing to do with the issue of discussion. Disingenuous dimwits, who unwarrantedly employ this tactic, are a disgrace to civilized society. Concerning Anti-Semite, former President Jimmy Carter: just remember, he is the only human being on the planet with not just 1, but 2 of his books on Bin Laden’s recently released “Must Read” list. Furthermore, President Obama received a higher percentage of the White vote than Kerry. All of Obama’s outrageous, insane and destructive policies are failing! President Obama is unlike any President in our Nation's History, he is a far left radical, who is stopping at nothing to fundamentally change the systemic fabric of our great Nation.

The whole point of the Obama Campaign, for a lot of Liberals, was that he was going to help us, transcend race and what that’s really turning out to mean is: If you disagree with Obama, you are against transcending race; therefore you must be a racist. In turn, as the Democrats get more and more desperate, that argument, which they have already used against the tea party folks, which they’ve used against the elderly Americans attending town halls, will be used to limit our input. Trust me, with far left radical, NY Times columnists and Obama hand puppets, Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd banging their spoons on each other’s high chairs every week, claiming that everything points to racism, the situation is going to get far worse before it gets better.

It’s not just health care, that’s kind of the fulcrum (right now) for the public discontent. I would argue that it goes way deeper and it goes to a general distrust of what the Obama Federal Government says it’s going to do, want it wants to do, and what actually will transpire. That’s the chasm and that is what the Democratic Politicians are having a hard time bridging. Everything they say doesn't make sense and the American People do not believe the nonsense President Obama continues to force feed them. Regardless of what, smooth operator, Obama says: ObamaCare is Health Care redistribution, it takes $500 Billion dollars of health care from the elderly in Medicare and Medicaid funds for nursing homes and gives it to people who are younger, healthier and richer but at the moment lack health insurance - And that redistribution is something that seniors can not and will not support!

In reality, everything we are discussing here is meaningless. Obama is a radical and radicals believe that they are in the army of the saints and that they are the righteous people. Obama’s history proves he doesn’t like to debate his opponents/ critics, he has to destroy them. This is clear by the fact that his run for president was the first campaign where he actually had a legitimate opponent and not a last minute replacement for the one whose character had been destroyed. History will prove that nothing Obama has done or intends to do, will have contributed to improving the welfare of our great Nation. His administration is driven by a quest for power, and the power is actualized by recreating things into a different reality then they originally were. Whether or not “the change” results in an improved condition is immaterial. It’s all about power. Radicals adopt positions and take up issues, simply to advance their power. They never think of what it’s going to look like, or how to put it together. Until the cap & tax bill, which they temporarily put on the back burner and heath care, Obama was able to pass bills without inspection. Now, given the abysmal failure of his policy proposals quickly coming to light, the citizenry finally woke up. I can tell you, but anyone can see for themselves: that before he is challenged, a radical never spends 5 seconds on thinking what his policies will subsequently do in practice. President Obama has proven this by the fact that he hasn’t written any of the bills he has relentlessly supported. In fact, until he hit a road block with ObamaCare, he never even concerned himself with the details of the egregious policies he signed into law. Case in point: anyone with a sense of economic literacy knows that his aberrant Stimulus Bill was not aimed at job creation, which is the only objective of an economic stimulus bill.

Radicals like Obama never spend time discerning what makes a society work, because if what they do leads to crisis, they will be able to make even more systemic changes to the landscape. This is the way they work; they want to know what they can get away with; to advance this big agenda-which is = you get power and change everything.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Comment Response to fellow Hip-Hop Republican member, concerning her posted article blaming the ills of today's Republican Party on the over acknowledgment of Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh

Thanks for your article Shirley; However, I disagree with you entirely. You are missing the larger picture. The Left controls 95% of the media and 99% of the educational institutions. Given that their policies and beliefs can not be intellectually supported, they must promulgate hatred towards anyone who questions their idiocy. I sympathize with you sentiments, and am happy you are a Conservative. Yet you are failing to appreciate that the vast majority of Conservatives are older than you and that it is not in our interest to attack anyone who is authentically on our side. The left does this for a living and your misguided dismay, is counter productive at best. Never forget, that it often takes a person many years to recognize the truth. Think about it; there are countless stories of far left liberals, who see the light and become staunch Conservatives (Horowitz, Eldridge Cleaver etc.) but I am unaware of the reverse having ever occurred. Accordingly, we all gain wisdom with age.

Rather than getting upset when someone refers to themselves as a Reagan Conservative, why don’t you direct your anger at the plethora of people who subscribe to the delusional, proven to fail, Statist philosophy? I know you are young, but Reagan wasn’t too long ago and what he did for our cause is unparallel. For God Sakes-how often do you hear the disingenuous Democrats comparing Obama to John F Kennedy’s? Reagan was 5 Presidents after JFK!

You are obviously intelligent, so please take some time to study and get a grasp of the meaning of Conservatism and Conservative Principles; they are timeless and never get old. In a nut shell, we believe that people are inherently good and that individual freedom is paramount. Obama and his cohorts believe that we are incapable of living to our potential and that they have the right to dictate what is best for us, for our own good. (They are the smart people), In addition, you probably have no idea how Reagan went against the prevailing wisdom of “Détente”, which resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Another thing you should understand, relating to Reagan’s greatness, was that he was able to put through policies which validated much of what we stand for. Yes, Obama has unwisely spent more money than any President in history; however, his party controls both houses. Did you know that Reagan was able to change the world, completely reverse 100’s of counter-productive Democrat imposed regulations, at the same time that the Democrats had majorities in both the House and Senate? I guess you never wondered why he was called the “Great Communicator”. Shirley if people want to refer to themselves as a Reagan Conservative, so be it, it shouldn’t offend you. In fact, it should help you better understand their belief system. We are a party of ideas. Liberals (as they deceptively call themselves) are the ones who must follow the leader like drones, in fear of reprisal. Mark Levin’s recent best seller “Liberty and Tyranny” is a good book for you to read. It will help you better understand the basis of the things you already believe.

Next, Shirley, have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh-yourself? What damage is he doing? You are completely confused here and without even knowing it, you are repeating Democrat spin.
Shirley, you need to listen to him sometime and stop having your opinions influenced by others, who are often driven by ulterior motives. Again, remember that the policies of the Democrats are indefensible and the only recourse they have is to attack their critiques. Aside from acting less Presidential, than any President in history, why do you think Obama personally attacked Limbaugh? If Limbaugh was hurting us, would the head of the Democrat Party and the rest of the Democrats continuously disparage him? Would Obama have appointed his new communist sympathizer, FCC Czar Lloyd, whose primary goal is to shut down Limbaugh?

Shirley why do you think they still continue to attack Palin? It’s because they are scared shitless of her. If you want to know who Liberals fear, simply look at who they attack. (Ex) As a private citizen, Palin, didn’t write an article, conduct and interview with a reporter or call up a news source. She simply posted something on her Facebook page, which not only created a national uproar, but forced the Democrats to remove an entire section from their egregious Obama Care scam plan; while everything Republican Congressman had been offering for months had been denied.

Shirley, it’s too bad we don't have someone in our Party who can speak like Reagan today. Do yourself a favor, and please listen to this 10 minute recording of Reagan in 1961 speaking against Government health Care! This is another reason why we must always remember our past, because Liberals need to control, they never go away and if Obama Care doesn't go through this time- they will be back!!! Just listen and substitute the references to people's names with Obama, Pelosi, Waters, Frank, Reid etc. Listen to the brilliance of his thoughts. He wrote his own speeches, this was way before he was President. As Americans we never want to deny people of healthcare........

Concerning these people: Tavis Smiley, DL Hughley, Al Sharpton, people like you need to get out into the community and find ways to explain to the young people how people like Al, profit on misery. Please watch this video of Harry Alford on the O'Reilly Factor. I posted it earlier, but it is priceless. Alford is a businessman, which is a colorblind profession. Even O’Reilly, doesn't understand, when he says that" (D) Boxer likes black people, she just doesn't like conservatives" however Alcorn does! - Yes, she likes black people who are in their place!! This is what the left is all about; they truly believe that they are better and smarter than us.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The unacceptable agenda of Obama the ideologue

It is reprehensible that this administration and this attorney general are launching criminal probes into the actions of men and women who protected America in one of our darkest, most dangerous moments.
There are two separate and distinct points being over looked. The first is that the ones who ran the CIA program are the ones who initially “blew the whistle” and brought the issue to the attention of the Inspector General and an investigation was conducted.

Second, the investigator then turned over the findings to the Department of Justice, 5 years ago; the career prosecutors then looked into it and said we’re not going to prosecute except for one case, which they did.

Attorney General Holder is acting on an ideological agenda. He does not have the security interest of the United States at heart and he is going to do enormous damage to America’s security and America’s intelligence gathering capability. Here we have men and women who did things that were authorized only after the CIA met with the Defense Department, the Justice Department and outside experts to set the guidelines. Then the guidelines were reviewed by the Justice Department, blessed in a series of memorandums, all of which took place, with the awareness of Congress. Now we are looking back and deciding that in following these set and approved procedures, the people protecting our lives, did something wrong?

How’s that going to effect future behavior? If you’re a CIA guy and you’re trying to protect America, are you going to look for a tough assignment? Are you going to do the tough thing? Are you going to do something, within the law or are you going hold back and do as little as possible, for fear of having yourself end up, at the twilight of your career, stuck in front of a federal prosecutor, paying for $100’s of thousands of dollars in legal bills out of your own pocket?

Let’s step back even further for just a moment. These techniques were used on: Jose Padilla who was about to use dirty bombs to blow up apartment buildings using natural gas explosions; on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the master mind of 9-11, where the information we got from him was so vital, it’s still classified today; and on Al Nasiriyah, the man who master minded the Cole terrorist attack.

Just think about the plots that we know which have been publically discussed, that we were able to stop because of the information we gained from these techniques. * The plot to bring down 8 or 10 flights over the Pacific simultaneously, *The plan to fly an airplane into Britain’s Heathrow Airport, *The plan to attack American trains, *The plot to blow up gas stations in the United States, * The terrorist plan to fly a plane into the Liberty Tower in Los Angeles; and these techniques worked! Accordingly, if anybody needs to figure out whether they worked or not- just read the Inspector General’s report that’s being sited by the opponents of these techniques! However, be sure to read the report yourself, and see the overwhelming amount of clear, concise and convincing evidence proving that these techniques kept America safe.

I read the reports from a legal perspective and laughed, while thinking to myself how they plan to prosecute based on what they had, which exclusively consisted of: rampant hearsay, opinion and speculation-which was just one of the reasons sited by the career prosecutors in choosing not to go forward. Therefore, given complete culmination of the facts, it is clear that the Obama administration is not concerned with justice.

Obama’s motives are frightening and resemble nothing in our Nation’s history of jurisprudence. Even creepier, it that Holder is the same Attorney General:

  • Who single handedly stopped the filing of a criminal, Voter Intimidation Indictment against the Black Panther thugs, who stood in front of a polling station last election, wearing militant uniforms and carrying clubs.

  • Who concurred with the opinion that (D) Senator Dodd, the head of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversaw Country Wide Mortgage Company and (D) Senator Conrad, did not receive favorable treatment from Country Wide (possibly the largest single contributing entity of our current financial crisis), even through each Senator received personal mortgage loans, at a rate 2% points lower than the current Federal Rates Rate on the day their loans were consummated.

  • Who went out of his way, to show no opposition to Scotland’s release of the mass murdering, Libyan terrorist, who a jury convicted of killing 270 people, mostly Americans;

  • Who on his second to last day in office, pressured former President Clinton to Pardon, his client: exiled, multi-million dollar tax cheat and total dirt-bag client, Mark Rich;

  • Who yesterday gave the order to drop the multi-year, felony, bribery and conspiracy investigation and forthcoming indictment against sleaze ball, Arizona Governor Richardson, claiming insufficient evidence. Ironically, when the charges were initially filed, Richardson, unilaterally withdrew his nomination to serve in Obama’s Cabinet; which is an unprecedented step for someone to take, who knows the pending charges against him are meritless.

I fear we are on the cusp of losing the Country we know.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The disgraceful supporters of Obama Care

There’s a certain irony in an administration denouncing ordinary Americans who get together to express what they believe and to confront authority; when that administration is led by a man who began his career as a community organizer. A community organizer's job as I understand it: is to get ordinary Americans together, and help them convey what they believe and express demands against the authorities.

The comments made by Gibb’s, the media and other members of the Obama Administration are incredibly hypocritical. Of course, this only happens when you have a conservative protest, then it’s called a “mob”. If it’s a liberal protest, it’s called the grass roots expressing themselves. Remember just a year ago, during the Bush administration, when dissent was the highest form of patriotism? However, now it’s a kind of organized anger; it’s a facsimile of anger; it’s un- Patriotic, it’s whatever.

Look, today there is a genuine revolt against the idea of remaking a system, when: over 80% of Americans have health insurance, 5 of 6 of those, are happy with their health care and 4 of 5 are happy with their health insurance. At the same time, you have an Administration, arrogantly deciding it’s going to tear it all up and start all over; and people are surprised that there are protests and say that it had to be manufactured? Of course it’s spontaneous, if people go together on a bus that is entirely legitimate, for it gives them courage.

Protesting the Vietnam War was a multi-million dollar organized business which sponsored innumerable organized protests. In fact, the vast majority of all protests are and have always been organized. Every protest for abortion rights, animal rights, against the G2 summit, ACORN picketing on the street, code pink sitting in front of Bush's ranch, etc.,has been organized behind it. It is grossly despicable to hear Obama and our current radical, biased main stream media tactically disparage American citizens in an attempt to discredit their dissenting opinion, rather that intellectually addressing their concerns.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Obama's Beer Party Ploy 7.31.09

I know all of us are supposed to get into the spirit of levity and good humor, but I am afraid I can’t. This is a typical Obama; he commits an offense against the public good, he imputes racism, where there was none and then he declares a teachable moment; where he will instruct us on tolerance, understanding and brotherhood. He did this before and he does this over and over again. He found last year after 20 years he had been in a church with a raving racist, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose church he had worshipped in his entire adult life. And what’s Obama’s response?

He gives a speech on race, another teachable moment, in which he ascribes racism to everyone: the white working middle class, African Americans, Jeremiah Write, his own Grandmother - except himself and he stands there, hovering above it all, teaching us the ways of tolerance and brotherhood. Look, he may be a great President or a lousy one, but when he acts in this way: when he stands above the fray in a patronizing and condescending way, instructing us on the ways of the World, I find him insufferable.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our pitiful, race-baiting , unpresidential Commander and Chief 7/23/09

Give me a break! Professor Gates is an under achieving, thin minded, fraud intellect, who is cornered in an extremely narrow and limited field of academia, which needs to perpetuate agitation and racial conflict to exist. His insecurity, lack of self-worth and substantive accomplishment, compels him to seek unwarranted attention to mask the incessant pain he endures each day, living in our inequitable world.

Any person, white, green or yellow, who acted in the manner witnesses describe, would have been arrested. Simply divorce yourself from emotion and consider the indisputable and irrefutable facts:

We have:

  1. A 911 call.
  2. A creditable ear and eye witness who met responding Sergeant Crowley at the scene, 
  3. There were two individuals with back packs, on the porch, shouldering-trying to force a door open, the rear door of a primary residence in a residential neighborhood, with their shoulders.
  4. When one individual Mr. Gates, refused to produce identification to a uniformed Police Sergeant (there was no ambiguity, it wasn’t that he might have been anti crime, undercover or someone misrepresenting himself as law enforcement);
  5. It was clear that Mr. Gates was given a lawful order.

When he refused, he set into motion a sequence of very significant events, which resulted in his arrest. Had he presented valid, verifiable photo ID, everything would have come to a grinding halt and the investigation would have ended.

The aforementioned scenario is corroborated by 8 civilian eye and ear witnesses, including a credible and reliable next door neighbor, plus two addition police officers, one of which is black. The facts would lead any clear minded professional to suspect a robbery was underway.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama's Failure in Iran January 19, 2009

President Obama's choice of silence, as his initial response to the protests in Iran was an abomination. Although, he is not verbalizing his opinion, the President’s lack of action is his administration’s cryptogram to the world that America implicitly supports the repressive, tyrannical regime currently in charge of Iran. We watched Gibbs say that what’s going on is vigorous debate; the shooting of 8 and now 12 demonstrators is not debate, the knocking of heads and bloodying of demonstrators by the Revolutionary guards is not debate, the arbitrary arrest of journalist, political opposition and students is not debate; and to call it a debate and to use this neutral, opaque and denatured language is disgraceful. Beyond that, the turmoil in Iraq is no longer about the elections, the reason that young people are dying in the streets, is not because they wanted a recounting of hanging chads on the outer precincts of Tehran. What they want is to no longer live under a tyrannical, repressive and corrupt theocracy.

This is what the demonstrations, the movement and the moment is about now. Its about the regime, there is an opportunity and as leader of the free world, Obama must seize it. Revolution is going to happen, one way or the other eventually, and this Theocracy will fall. It may not happen now, but it ought to be supported because it might happen now and it would change the world if it did.

The entire debacle is deeply disturbing and shameful. The President has failed to really offer his support for the protesters at any time and he has failed to directly question the results of the election. The other night, in an interview he said “Well it doesn’t really matter whether Mousavi is declared the victor or Ahmadinejad there aren’t major policy differences between the two”. Though, that may have been true before the election, we don’t know if it is true going forward, but in any case it was an awful thing to say, because the protester who are on the street right are there largely for one of two reasons; either they are supporters of Mousavi or they think the election was fraudulent. So by him saying that he is in effect saying that what you are doing doesn’t matter that much is reprehensible.

Everybody understands that America is not going to go to War over this, however if you are a demonstrator on the street, you want to hear that America is behind you and they need material support with communication and other means as the CIA helped Solidarity in the 1980’s. We are Americans; freedom is the foundation of our existence. President Obama must lead and explicitly express that we stand for the freedom of all people. Obama can easily accomplish this without directly debasing the Iran’s fascist regime, just as President Reagan did when he supported the efforts of the Solidarity movement in Eastern Block Poland. To date, Obama position only be seen as a desire for stability, engagement and negotiations with the existing regime-and when the protesters get this message in the street, it is highly discouraging.

The truth of the matter is that it’s not a question of what the President says; it’s a question of what are our objectives in Iran. The President’s Objectives, as he has said repeatedly, in his campaign, in his inaugural address and in his ridiculous speech in Cairo, is to negotiate with the Regime in Iran. What’s worst of all about this, looking at President Obama, is not only that he is being timid, he is being disingenuous. The real reason that he won’t speak out, has nothing to do with this argument that we don’t want to meddle, the Iranian Regime has and will accuse us of that regardless. The real reason for his position is that President Obama is determined to find a way to try and negotiate with the regime, with Khamenei with Ahmadinejad about their nuclear weapons program. This is a policy doomed to failure, but it explains why he won’t speak out about representative government and individual liberty in Iran.

Obama’s inexperience and naivety is frightening. In his inaugural address, he said, “To those who cling to power through the silencing of dissent, we will extend a hand”. Well that’s what’s going on here now. In addition, Obama’s reference to call an unelected, self- professed, ideological tyrant the "Supreme Leader" lacks intellectual heft and disparages the image of our Nation. The ignorance of President Obama to afford an autocratic menace this title was an unforgivable abomination. Obama’s abysmal judgment in this matter would be like FDR referring to Adolf Hitler as Mein Fuhrer, in his weekly Wartime address to the American people.

That policy is doomed to failure. I think the American Objective should be the overthrow of this regime, and the President is wrong for not helping lay the groundwork for this to happen. The students and people in the streets of Iran are very vulnerable, and American rhetoric, without American action, puts them in more danger.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Apology Tour II

For a clear minded person to believe that President Obama’s naïve foreign policy platform has any chance to succeed, he would have to completely disregard: all prior knowledge, education, intelligence, historic precedent, common wisdom and sense of reality.

During President Obama’s recent Part II Apology tour speech, he made an offensive moral equivalency, which I feel, suggests delusional core beliefs which can only by attributed to an unexposed pathology. Obama spoke movingly about the Holocaust and the plight of the Jewish people confronting anti Semitism and then he said on the other hand you have to take into consideration the Palestinian people who’ve been displaced; as if the murder of 6 million Jews in Europe during World War II was equivalent to the plight of the Palestinian People. Obama then went on to say that the Palestinian had the right to be upset at being displaced and that it is easy for the Israelis to point to the attacks on their people- as if these two things are morally equivalent as well.

Obama forgets the history of how the State of Israel came to exist, as the aftermath of the withdrawal of the British when the Arabs attempted to push the Jews into the Mediterranean. Keep in mind, that prior to Britain’s departure there were no formal, bordered Israeli or Palestinian States. It was the Arabs who rebuked and chose not to recognize, the British plans establishing two distinct separate homelands for the Jews and the Palestinians.

Prior to Britain’s segmentation of the Middle East, the Arabs existed as wandering tribes. Their failure to accept a Jewish State was based of hatred and had nothing to do with fairness. This is proven by the fact, that the rest of the Arab tribes, quickly claimed title and assumed sovereignty of the areas which had been apportioned to them by the British, even though these divisions had nothing to do with the ethnic compositions of the citizenries living within the newly established boarders. For instance, the vast majority of Jordan’s population is made up of Palestinians while Jordanians represent a minority of the citizenship. Yet, the ruling family fiefdom, with authority over the citizenship is Jordanian. Furthermore, the number of Palestinians within Jordan dwarfs the total amount of Palestinians surrounding Israel who allege they have been denied a homeland.

In my view, unrest in the Middle East is entirely driven by the underlying fact, that all of the Arab Countries in the region are governed by authoritative regimes who stop at nothing to remain in power. In turn, it is in their interest to use the Palestinians as a pawn to stir up hatred of the Jews and their Allies. This constant state of heated anxiety, propagated by Aljazeera and the Government controlled media, serves the purpose of displacing any potential manifestation of discontent which would occur if the citizens were afforded the prospect to reflect on their own lives. If the population’s of these Arab fiefdoms were ever given a break from this contrived unrest, the focus would undoubtedly shift to their lack of individual rights, the absence of free elections and the lack of available opportunities to improve their standards of living.

Obama’s performance vividly exposed his failure to properly read the region. His speech was a remarkable tone deaf, pandered to the audience who was in front of him and entirely disregarding history and America’s interests. He did NOT challenge them often; he talked about the great history of Islam for tolerance and then failed to dwell on the current intolerance which so often dominates the region.

My Posted Comment on Hip-Hop Republicans on NYC and liberal grip on confused Black population

I live in what might be the highest concentration of unadulterated close minded, ignorant, hateful, liberal Progressives in the free world - the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Regardless of appearances, what disturbs me most is that when it comes to their personal lives, the vast majority of these abject, cowardly nitwits are stingy, cheap, repressive tyrants. The reason these folks need to unremittingly launch personal attacks against anyone in support of individual Liberty is that this is all they have. Most of these idiots are educated and know they can not argue with intellectual heft that their ideas possess merit, due to the fact that when implemented, their policy proposals have always failed miserably, without exception.

Regardless of outward appearances, what I find most disheartening is that the majority of these self-professed elitists are driven by a need for power and a sense of personal adulation they ascertain by controlling others. They actually could care less about anyone or anything other than themselves. However, although it is often painstaking, always time consuming and sometimes dangerous-some of them can be shown the light and converted, because the truth and facts are on our side.

Therefore the author is correct with what must be done and it is all of our responsibility not to cower but instead spread and profess the truth continuously to everyone, for ourselves and for those whose potential will be limited due without knowledge of the truth. Never forget, Racism is a product of the Left, it is a form of collectivism, a communal phenomenon; whereas the Right-wing is individualism, individual rights, freedom and the dignity of individual life. Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Asian, Anti-Negro, Anti-immigrant, Anti-homosexual are all creations of the Left.

We must champion the truth, which the Left has totally reversed. The Nazi's were National Socialists! A real life example is the fact that I personally asked over 30 Black friends and acquaintances if they knew that Martin Luther King was a Republican and not one of them knew this was the case. None of my friends knew that it was a Democrat, Governor Wallace who blocked the door at the segregated University of Alabama. Furthermore, they were ignorant to the fact that all of the States in opposition of desegregation where governed by Democrats! To regain the heart and minds of urban American, we must spread the truth.

The cancerous control of the Left over our Nation's urban populations has been accomplished through the soft bigotry of low expectations and is nothing more than a physiological ploy to control the apathetic, which was developed in the 1920’s by Socialist radicals in Germany. This is the root of today’s prevailing, villainous, evil mindset, which makes it acceptable for Blacks to ruthlessly disparage fellow American Blacks who have achieved unsurpassed greatness in their fields, solely based on the fact that they believe in Republican principles(IE) Condoleezza Rice, Justice Thomas etc. There are no other examples in World History, where an ethnicity accepts as common practice, that it is customary to besmirch fellow members with in its race, based on that individual’s non-intrusive personal beliefs.

Think about it, the Conquistadors, who killed thousands, are not virally hated by Americans of Spanish decent. I've never heard Mongolians express a hatred of Genghis Khan, or British Americans claim they despise King Henry the Eighth, French Americans mock Napoleon, or Italian Americans vilify Christopher Columbus, nor have I ever witnessed German Americans denigrating Bismarck; on the contrary, people are proud of their lineage, regardless of the terrible acts these historic figures may have committed (Hitler and Stalin were modern lunatics who are exceptions to the rule.)

In my opinion, the permeation of this absurd reality throughout today’s Black American Culture represents the greatest unacknowledged abomination of our lifetime. It infers that members of the Black Race are incapable of holding different opinions and that those who do must be destroyed by the Black Majority. Obviously, the members of this site unequivocally prove the falsity of this hypothesis, however, due to Liberal control of our Nation’s media and educational system, it is not an opinion shared in action by the majority of American’s Black population. Therefore, it is our duty to correct this present day tragedy. The truth will set us free.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Plan B

We can reverse many, and stop most of Obama's absurd future spending plans in 2010 and 2012, yet no one, on our side, is recognizing the Democrat's Plan B: amnesty, citizenship, and (as current law allows) family consolidation (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) from Latin American Countries plagued with fraud and poor record keeping. As Obama exercises blitzkrieg tactics to instill a plethora of systemic changes to our government, his administration is subversively: relaxing immigration enforcement, curtailing workplace examinations and raids , aggressively doing their best to end E-verify, supporting opposition to Sheriff Aparo (as well as others like him), citing the Canadian border as an issue diversion, enlisting ACORN and its subsidiaries to demand burdensome human rights violation investigations on behalf of detained illegal aliens and steadily increasing benefits (and /or planning such legislation in committee) for illegal aliens already in our Country.

Democrat success potentially represents an additional 40+ million, new, government dependent citizens added to our current population. Deep thought is not required to foresee how this would forever change our Nation and permanently dismantle the Republican Party. I am not one to believe in nonsense, hearsay, conspiracy theories or hate driven policies; however, the evidence suggests that the aforementioned scenario represents a valid concern. Obama and the current far-left Democrat Party has already proven to be more radical then most Conservatives could have imagined. We are faced with an opponent on a blind quest for power and control of the Citizenry, at all costs. No person of clear mind, absent ulterior motives, could possibly believe that the policy platforms currently promulgated by the Democrat Party are best for our Country or for any subgroup of our citizenry.

At the end of my remarks, is a prospective tactic, which I believe warrants consideration (article idea). I realize that many, like minded, Conservatives are apprehensive and even frightened to discuss illegal immigration. This is a mistake, which will proverbially bite us in the tokhes. The abysmally disingenuous Democrats have already begun to use this issue as a weapon, which the GOP is yet to recognize. For example, the Left's refusal to declare English as our official language represents one facet of the Democrat’s underhanded and insidious modus operandi (keeping the United States as the only industrial nation on the planet, without a national language). As a side note, in 1994 a business partner of mine was charged and forced to a pay a fine in Paris, for violating the law which prohibits discussing business in public establishments (restaurants, bars etc.) in any language other than French.

The first point in need of remedy is the need for Conservatives/Republicans to address American Hispanics as Proud Americans, not as illegal immigrants who have just gotten their green cards. Furthermore, we must psychologically entice them to detach themselves from today’s prevailing mindset of divisions and classifications which far-left progressives have managed to embed into our culture and manipulate. My grand parents were legal immigrants, yet my parents had no allegiance to illegal foreign nationals from the European nations where their parents were born. As Conservatives, we erred in the 1980’s and 1990’s, by allowing our Representatives to cower and not address the issue-under the misguided assumption that “business” would suffer and become disenchanted with them, if they took positions which were seen as inhibitory to illegal immigrant migration.

First and foremost, the result of this dimwitted philosophy was based on the premise that if Republicans stood up for our Nation’s sovereignty, that big “business” would suddenly break ranks and support the high taxing, union supporting, regulatory, obstructionist Democratic Party. The absurdity of this assumption is a wonderful example of how weak and misguided the Republican Party had become in its inability to sell the basic principles of individual liberty on which it had been founded.

Subsequently, the result of the Republican Party’s failure to utilize this issue in its favor, proved colossally damning to mainstream American: It lowered wages for blue collar workers (employers were not obligated to provide illegal aliens with healthcare plans, pay SS or workman’s compensation, for the burden was shifted to the tax payer), facilitated exponential increases in healthcare insurance premiums, caused thousands of emergency rooms to close, mandated the spending of billions in tax dollars for bi-lingual public education school conversions and illegal alien healthcare, gave birth to the expense related to illegal aliens representing 1/3 of all housed, Federal felony inmates, as well as, a very high percentage of the inmates in our State Prison systems, directly contributed to a steep decline in public school proficiency levels based on 22- 23 students per teacher ratios, increased (on average) to 45 students to 1 teacher etc., etc. All of the described issues were unnecessarily created and exacerbated by shortsighted policies which resulted in minimal, inconsequential savings to business and an enormous cost to the American Citizenry and the Republican Party.

In fairness, the Democrats have always been complicit in support of illegal immigration; however, anti-American idiocy and failure to consider the end result of policy implementation is within their creed. True traditional liberalism, also known as, Conservatism, means equal opportunity availed to all, without bias. Allowing business to employ foreign nationals and unduly force the American Citizen Taxpayer to subsidize the costs associated with these workers is egregiously iniquitous, dishonorable, Un-American and an insult to the core principles of Conservatism.

This represents a pivotal grass roots issue which middle class America (largely having abandoned the Republican Party) will rally around. The Democrats are unanimously in favor of providing Illegal Immigrants with the same financial, economic and public services, which are available to United States Citizens. Even more outrageous, as indicated by the Gitmo debacle, they also favor extending legal protections to illegal aliens (possibly including terrorists) equivalent to those constitutionally guaranteed to our Citizenship. All polls indicate this as the one issue where the Democratic Party’s position is opposed by over 73% of all Americans; this, without an iota of Republican input. Furthermore, there exists an endless mountain of data supporting how detrimental illegal immigration is to all Americans and the issue is one which is virtually impossible to spin.
We must not forget the fortuitous demise of the McCain/Kennedy Immigration Bill.

Below is a potential tactic, which should be considered

Given the liberal media’s unfounded resistance to logic, common sense and factual data in its formulation of policy positions, which inhibits the implementation of conservative policies; all surveys indicate immigration is the one area where our views are supported by the citizenry, irrespective of an individual’s affiliation. In turn, this issue represents a tremendous opportunity for us to attract a new audience and platform to disseminate information to the ignorant and misguided members of society. In addition, no other current issue of prominence presents context as difficult to deceptively redefine as a partisan issue by the far-left. The GOP must unite and force its dissenting members to set aside their selfish motives and consider the big picture.

The time is now - to launch a full fledge media blitz to inform citizens that the actual modus operandi of open borders Democrats is to circumvent our Democracy by adding a block of 20 million +, new government dependent voters and an additional 15 to 30 million person voter block , made up of the extended family members of the first group. Our Country’s disingenuous Politicians could care less about the lives of illegal aliens or American Citizens. President Obama simply wants to secure power and change America to a one party state. It is clear that the open borders people avidly and intentionally avoid facts because they know all evidence purports illegal immigration representing a parasitic drag on every measurable level of society. We must awake and educate the ignorant hoi-polloi to the Liberal’s disingenuous scheme to irreversibly usurp complete control of our government.


In the real world, resources are limited. Unknown to most liberals, the government can not just wantonly print money; it needs to procure it from the economy and citizens of our Nation. Every dollar spent to improve the life of an illegal alien, is money which would have been spent to improve the lives of disadvantaged American Citizens (indulge the Left). I wish I were given the opportunity to publicly call out each and everyone of our Country’s liberal black representatives in Congress and the Senate- to show how irrefutably damaging their continuous support of “illegal alien causes” is to the American minority citizen voters who they have sworn to serve. I believe that spending billions in tax dollars to enhance the lives of law breaking, foreign nationals, represents the greatest travesty perpetrated against unknowing citizens in the last one hundred years.

In fact, this may denote the key to success and effectively serve to turn around this entire outrageous situation. Most black Americans have nationalist instincts and I trust that they would rally against accommodating illegal aliens with our Nation's tax dollars- if they knew that this support was coming at their expense! No one on either side of the argument ever addresses this logic. Instead, we are subject to the unremitting, obnoxious rant of “politically correct” Liberals vilifying as racist, anyone who opposes the use of citizen tax dollars for Illegal Alien health care, childbirth, education or any other service exclusive to our citizenry.

Liberals cast the illegal immigrant trespassers as representing victims; we need to put the spotlight on the real victims - America Minorities whose Country has abandoned them in favor or foreign nationals. We need to turn the focus around and have our own America underprivileged minorities proclaim, “If not for money spent on foreign nationals, they would have received more job training, more assistance in their career search, more services and more job opportunities, which are now getting filled by illegal aliens- who will often work for substandard wages, while US tax dollars pay for their food, medical care and housing.” Given the egregiously hypocritical, bias forces in our nation who are pushing for Amnesty, this is our best solution. It will force Black liberal Democrat Politicians to reverse course or get voted out!

The aforementioned strategy is also an easy sell and the only one which will force members of the opposition to change their positions on this issue. Urgency is the key and action must be put in motions as soon as possible. Every year we rally together for a new battle, while through attrition, the amnesty people chip away and make gains. Then they slip into the darkness to begin plotting their next assault on our culture. Up to now, nothing else has worked to break the status quo and to dislodge the senseless, ignoramus open boarder lobby from advocating its positions, however, this strategy has the potential of putting them on the defensive. I can remember the arguments during the Reagan administration when liberals and many Republicans, pushed through what was to be the final bill, putting the issue to rest. History has proven unequivocally that they were wrong.

In addition to our current campaign, it would be prudent to launch a subsidiary initiative aimed at putting an end to the issue without compromising one iota. At no other time in history, has an elected government consistently and continuously supported a national policy platform directly at odds with the welfare of its citizenry, as has been the case for past fifty years concerning this issue.
Subsequently, pursuing this strategy will afford access, currently unavailable; to educate citizens on the perils of Obama’s egregious socialized healthcare initiative, “Less Quality for More People”.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


These confused Republicans are the reason for the party losing its way. One cannot be partially evil, a little deceptive, or only sometimes, make policy choices at the expense of the citizenry based on an ulterior agenda. Today, there is no such thing as a centrist Republican. The Democratic Party is not the party it was when this term was applicable. We must not perpetuate and embrace Liberal ideological verbiage which is aimed to distort pre-established definitions. If one side is hot and the other is cold, than the centrist is warm. However, if the cold pole barometer is shifted to -273 C, or zero degrees Kelvin, the center variable will also shift. Today’s Democratic Mantra unambiguously represents the principles of socialism. Therefore, it is both imprudent and illogical to classify these disingenuous Representatives as Republicans, for they are spineless politicians driven by surreptitious motives.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This piece of garbage is anything but a stimulus plan. The devious Liberal ideologues in charge are using scare tactics to jam social engineering down the citizenry's throat. If the CBO says that 75% of this idiot handout package will not be spent for 2.5 years and aside from the Great depression, and Jimmy Carter's administration, recessions have never lasted that long, what is the purpose of this Christmas tree? In economic terms, "stimulus" means CREATE NEW JOBS nothing else. This load of malarkey does nothing of the sort. However, this scam includes another ridiculously ginormous lie. The Democrats say to address the concerns of the Republicans; their bill includes $330 billion dollars in tax cuts. TAX CUTS????? There are no new tax cuts in the bill unless you consider extending the expiration dates of the current tax rates which President Bush put into place, as new tax cuts. What the disgracefully disingenuous Democrats are referring to as a tax cuts are clearly welfare hand out payments to 60 million Americans- who do not pay one flat penny in Federal taxes! If this isn’t a form of income redistribution, please tell what is? As always, the liberal elites need to create fraudulent titles for their actions in order to disguise their motives, for the ideas which their whims are based, possess no intellectual merit.

The Democrats are effectively redefining the definitions of established English language words and verbiage, to push through their agenda. This is a serious situation. How is a hand out a tax cut? It would be like paying someone to take something away for free and referring to this gift as giving that person a “discount”. It is blatant nonsense! Historically, it has been the duty and responsibility of the free press (media) to shed light on and expose politician swindles, however today’s mainstream media bias has made this procedure a thing of the past.

The truth/ facts are something liberals refuse to acknowledge. Business activity creates jobs, Business and Capital Gains tax cuts spur the economy; monetary stimulus, not fiscal stimulus spurs the economy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ACLU Liberal Stupidity

Again the ALCU continues its efforts to push our Country towards idiocy. For one to believe in ACLU liberalism, it is necessary for that person to purposefully dismiss all prior knowledge they have attained through education, prior experience or simple common sense. The stupidity required to avoid racial profiling is unconscionable. It is contrary to human development. Just as a wise shopper, avoids paying the higher price for the same item offered by two different suppliers, intellect needs to guide policy. Allowing the ACLU’s far-left liberal lunacy to govern the standards our Government utilized to protect our National Security is utterly ridiculous. How can anyone justify policies which legally mandate the application of the identical threshold criteria be used to determine whether to search an 87 year old Caucasian grandmother for explosives as Security officers must utilize in order to search a group of Muslim men in their 20’s.who are praying aloud in Arabic as they walk at the same location?

The barbaric idiocy of security protocols absent race, age, gender and National origin are inexcusable. Imagine your boss assigning you the task of choosing a company basketball team, which will defeat a competing Company’s already established team. You are to choose 10 players from a pool of 100 candidates which your employer has provided. If you fail to pick a winning team, your future employment will not be secure and you will no longer be eligible for a scheduled salary increase. Although a severe consequence, it pales in comparison to the potential death and destruction associated with allowing a terrorist into our Country through Airport Security. To fully comply with our Nation’s absurd ACLU driven anti-discrimination doctrine, you are not allowed to consider the age, height, size, overall health, athletic experience, ethnicity or gender of the 10 players you pick for your company’s team. In turn, these requirements force you to disregard all intellectual knowledge you have gathered throughout your life relating to statistical advantage and common sense. Following the far-left, liberal non- discrimination model, you could not choose a healthy, 24 year old, 6’11” male (who started on his College basketball team) over a 56 year old, slightly overweight, diabetic female employee, based on any of the aforementioned criteria. I imagine, you would need to next evaluate and compare some other non-relevant to your goal metric before you could pick one person over the other. Does anyone actually apply such decision making foolishness in the real world?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Liberal idiocy is root of today's fiscal crisis

The far left liberal siege of our Country is the root cause of our current problems. In forcing the nonsensical lending policies of the Community Reinvestment Act on our financial institutions, the dishonest, feel-good policy pushing idiots in Congress, created our current economic turmoil. Next they systematically played on the ignorance of the hoi-polloi to stir up fear, subsequently allowing them to propose an outrageous socialist remedy, which history has proven will bury our economy for decades.

Their goal is to create a subservient population which can be manipulated to serve their elitist income redistribution scheme. Regardless of the hype, in 2008, the GNP of the United States surpassed the GNPs of the second, third, fourth and fifth largest Nation economies on the planet combined. The United States did not attain its status pursuing the policies of our stagnant socialist allies.

 Last year, the German Government did somersaults after learning that its GNP increased 1% over the last decade. Have we forgotten that in the US, we expect a minimum of 2% a quarter?
Final point, never in the history of mankind has raising taxes on the affluent, increased the total revenue taken in by the Government. Without exception, when the Government lowers tax rates, total revenue receipts increase. This premise is irrefutable. How can a sane person justify spending a trillion dollars on new programs while at the same time increasing the tax burden?