Monday, January 5, 2009

Liberal idiocy is root of today's fiscal crisis

The far left liberal siege of our Country is the root cause of our current problems. In forcing the nonsensical lending policies of the Community Reinvestment Act on our financial institutions, the dishonest, feel-good policy pushing idiots in Congress, created our current economic turmoil. Next they systematically played on the ignorance of the hoi-polloi to stir up fear, subsequently allowing them to propose an outrageous socialist remedy, which history has proven will bury our economy for decades.

Their goal is to create a subservient population which can be manipulated to serve their elitist income redistribution scheme. Regardless of the hype, in 2008, the GNP of the United States surpassed the GNPs of the second, third, fourth and fifth largest Nation economies on the planet combined. The United States did not attain its status pursuing the policies of our stagnant socialist allies.

 Last year, the German Government did somersaults after learning that its GNP increased 1% over the last decade. Have we forgotten that in the US, we expect a minimum of 2% a quarter?
Final point, never in the history of mankind has raising taxes on the affluent, increased the total revenue taken in by the Government. Without exception, when the Government lowers tax rates, total revenue receipts increase. This premise is irrefutable. How can a sane person justify spending a trillion dollars on new programs while at the same time increasing the tax burden?

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