Friday, July 24, 2009

Our pitiful, race-baiting , unpresidential Commander and Chief 7/23/09

Give me a break! Professor Gates is an under achieving, thin minded, fraud intellect, who is cornered in an extremely narrow and limited field of academia, which needs to perpetuate agitation and racial conflict to exist. His insecurity, lack of self-worth and substantive accomplishment, compels him to seek unwarranted attention to mask the incessant pain he endures each day, living in our inequitable world.

Any person, white, green or yellow, who acted in the manner witnesses describe, would have been arrested. Simply divorce yourself from emotion and consider the indisputable and irrefutable facts:

We have:

  1. A 911 call.
  2. A creditable ear and eye witness who met responding Sergeant Crowley at the scene, 
  3. There were two individuals with back packs, on the porch, shouldering-trying to force a door open, the rear door of a primary residence in a residential neighborhood, with their shoulders.
  4. When one individual Mr. Gates, refused to produce identification to a uniformed Police Sergeant (there was no ambiguity, it wasn’t that he might have been anti crime, undercover or someone misrepresenting himself as law enforcement);
  5. It was clear that Mr. Gates was given a lawful order.

When he refused, he set into motion a sequence of very significant events, which resulted in his arrest. Had he presented valid, verifiable photo ID, everything would have come to a grinding halt and the investigation would have ended.

The aforementioned scenario is corroborated by 8 civilian eye and ear witnesses, including a credible and reliable next door neighbor, plus two addition police officers, one of which is black. The facts would lead any clear minded professional to suspect a robbery was underway.

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