Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberal Illegal Immigration

Liberal Illegal Immigration Policies destroy American Dream
Posted by Cris on Friday, July 11, 2008 2:06:51 AM
When, if ever, will liberal activist fascists accept that most of the public policies they shove down our throats, although sometimes well intentioned, actually damage the populations they are supposed to assist?
Spanish speaking people make up the majority of today’s illegal alien population onslaught. Unlike all prior large masses of people entering our Country, they are illegal. Prior immigrants learned quickly that getting ahead in America meant assimilation. For one to assimilate he must learn and speak English. Historically, public documents, driver’s licenses, public works documentation, job applications, police and fire protection, etc., were not offered in German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, French, Swiss or any language, other than English. In hindsight, as a nation we did well. Yet, with the current, predominately Latino illegal immigrant population, at our expense, we have chosen to cater to them in the language of the Nation they originated, which they inherently deemed as unsatisfactory. In doing so, we wiped out much of the incentive for these folks to learn English and assimilate. In turn, today’s illegal alien population suffers from the highest High School dropout rate for any racial group segment in the history of the United States, Nationally over 60% and approximately 75% in places like LA County. These figures surpass the dropout rates recorded in our Nation’s most impoverished urban areas. Even, if an immigrant wanted to assimilate, when doing so is unnecessary to subsist, human nature dictates the person will not. Keep in mind, the available job selection tends to be physical in nature, leaving little desire for one to spend his free time doing things, which are not compulsory. In short, future generations of today’s illegal immigrants are set up to fail and pose a future drain on our society.
(Example)Approximately 32 years ago, the Vietnamese came to our Country, literally with only the shirts on their backs. Prior to their arrival, these people were accustomed to working 10 hour + days in the hot sun for pennies, therefore minimum wage at a fast food restaurant was a tremendous step up. The long and short of it is that with hard work, the children of these immigrants have captured the American Dream. Given their population, they now represent an impressively high percentage of our Country’s doctors, lawyers and white-collar work force.
Sadly, because of our Government’s overzealous, shortsighted, liberal “feel good” policies used to address our current illegal alien problem; these immigrants represent the first group of menial labor dishwashers, whose children will be dishwashers and whose children’s children will predominantly consist of dishwashers.

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