Saturday, February 7, 2009


These confused Republicans are the reason for the party losing its way. One cannot be partially evil, a little deceptive, or only sometimes, make policy choices at the expense of the citizenry based on an ulterior agenda. Today, there is no such thing as a centrist Republican. The Democratic Party is not the party it was when this term was applicable. We must not perpetuate and embrace Liberal ideological verbiage which is aimed to distort pre-established definitions. If one side is hot and the other is cold, than the centrist is warm. However, if the cold pole barometer is shifted to -273 C, or zero degrees Kelvin, the center variable will also shift. Today’s Democratic Mantra unambiguously represents the principles of socialism. Therefore, it is both imprudent and illogical to classify these disingenuous Representatives as Republicans, for they are spineless politicians driven by surreptitious motives.

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