Sunday, June 7, 2009

Plan B

We can reverse many, and stop most of Obama's absurd future spending plans in 2010 and 2012, yet no one, on our side, is recognizing the Democrat's Plan B: amnesty, citizenship, and (as current law allows) family consolidation (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) from Latin American Countries plagued with fraud and poor record keeping. As Obama exercises blitzkrieg tactics to instill a plethora of systemic changes to our government, his administration is subversively: relaxing immigration enforcement, curtailing workplace examinations and raids , aggressively doing their best to end E-verify, supporting opposition to Sheriff Aparo (as well as others like him), citing the Canadian border as an issue diversion, enlisting ACORN and its subsidiaries to demand burdensome human rights violation investigations on behalf of detained illegal aliens and steadily increasing benefits (and /or planning such legislation in committee) for illegal aliens already in our Country.

Democrat success potentially represents an additional 40+ million, new, government dependent citizens added to our current population. Deep thought is not required to foresee how this would forever change our Nation and permanently dismantle the Republican Party. I am not one to believe in nonsense, hearsay, conspiracy theories or hate driven policies; however, the evidence suggests that the aforementioned scenario represents a valid concern. Obama and the current far-left Democrat Party has already proven to be more radical then most Conservatives could have imagined. We are faced with an opponent on a blind quest for power and control of the Citizenry, at all costs. No person of clear mind, absent ulterior motives, could possibly believe that the policy platforms currently promulgated by the Democrat Party are best for our Country or for any subgroup of our citizenry.

At the end of my remarks, is a prospective tactic, which I believe warrants consideration (article idea). I realize that many, like minded, Conservatives are apprehensive and even frightened to discuss illegal immigration. This is a mistake, which will proverbially bite us in the tokhes. The abysmally disingenuous Democrats have already begun to use this issue as a weapon, which the GOP is yet to recognize. For example, the Left's refusal to declare English as our official language represents one facet of the Democrat’s underhanded and insidious modus operandi (keeping the United States as the only industrial nation on the planet, without a national language). As a side note, in 1994 a business partner of mine was charged and forced to a pay a fine in Paris, for violating the law which prohibits discussing business in public establishments (restaurants, bars etc.) in any language other than French.

The first point in need of remedy is the need for Conservatives/Republicans to address American Hispanics as Proud Americans, not as illegal immigrants who have just gotten their green cards. Furthermore, we must psychologically entice them to detach themselves from today’s prevailing mindset of divisions and classifications which far-left progressives have managed to embed into our culture and manipulate. My grand parents were legal immigrants, yet my parents had no allegiance to illegal foreign nationals from the European nations where their parents were born. As Conservatives, we erred in the 1980’s and 1990’s, by allowing our Representatives to cower and not address the issue-under the misguided assumption that “business” would suffer and become disenchanted with them, if they took positions which were seen as inhibitory to illegal immigrant migration.

First and foremost, the result of this dimwitted philosophy was based on the premise that if Republicans stood up for our Nation’s sovereignty, that big “business” would suddenly break ranks and support the high taxing, union supporting, regulatory, obstructionist Democratic Party. The absurdity of this assumption is a wonderful example of how weak and misguided the Republican Party had become in its inability to sell the basic principles of individual liberty on which it had been founded.

Subsequently, the result of the Republican Party’s failure to utilize this issue in its favor, proved colossally damning to mainstream American: It lowered wages for blue collar workers (employers were not obligated to provide illegal aliens with healthcare plans, pay SS or workman’s compensation, for the burden was shifted to the tax payer), facilitated exponential increases in healthcare insurance premiums, caused thousands of emergency rooms to close, mandated the spending of billions in tax dollars for bi-lingual public education school conversions and illegal alien healthcare, gave birth to the expense related to illegal aliens representing 1/3 of all housed, Federal felony inmates, as well as, a very high percentage of the inmates in our State Prison systems, directly contributed to a steep decline in public school proficiency levels based on 22- 23 students per teacher ratios, increased (on average) to 45 students to 1 teacher etc., etc. All of the described issues were unnecessarily created and exacerbated by shortsighted policies which resulted in minimal, inconsequential savings to business and an enormous cost to the American Citizenry and the Republican Party.

In fairness, the Democrats have always been complicit in support of illegal immigration; however, anti-American idiocy and failure to consider the end result of policy implementation is within their creed. True traditional liberalism, also known as, Conservatism, means equal opportunity availed to all, without bias. Allowing business to employ foreign nationals and unduly force the American Citizen Taxpayer to subsidize the costs associated with these workers is egregiously iniquitous, dishonorable, Un-American and an insult to the core principles of Conservatism.

This represents a pivotal grass roots issue which middle class America (largely having abandoned the Republican Party) will rally around. The Democrats are unanimously in favor of providing Illegal Immigrants with the same financial, economic and public services, which are available to United States Citizens. Even more outrageous, as indicated by the Gitmo debacle, they also favor extending legal protections to illegal aliens (possibly including terrorists) equivalent to those constitutionally guaranteed to our Citizenship. All polls indicate this as the one issue where the Democratic Party’s position is opposed by over 73% of all Americans; this, without an iota of Republican input. Furthermore, there exists an endless mountain of data supporting how detrimental illegal immigration is to all Americans and the issue is one which is virtually impossible to spin.
We must not forget the fortuitous demise of the McCain/Kennedy Immigration Bill.

Below is a potential tactic, which should be considered

Given the liberal media’s unfounded resistance to logic, common sense and factual data in its formulation of policy positions, which inhibits the implementation of conservative policies; all surveys indicate immigration is the one area where our views are supported by the citizenry, irrespective of an individual’s affiliation. In turn, this issue represents a tremendous opportunity for us to attract a new audience and platform to disseminate information to the ignorant and misguided members of society. In addition, no other current issue of prominence presents context as difficult to deceptively redefine as a partisan issue by the far-left. The GOP must unite and force its dissenting members to set aside their selfish motives and consider the big picture.

The time is now - to launch a full fledge media blitz to inform citizens that the actual modus operandi of open borders Democrats is to circumvent our Democracy by adding a block of 20 million +, new government dependent voters and an additional 15 to 30 million person voter block , made up of the extended family members of the first group. Our Country’s disingenuous Politicians could care less about the lives of illegal aliens or American Citizens. President Obama simply wants to secure power and change America to a one party state. It is clear that the open borders people avidly and intentionally avoid facts because they know all evidence purports illegal immigration representing a parasitic drag on every measurable level of society. We must awake and educate the ignorant hoi-polloi to the Liberal’s disingenuous scheme to irreversibly usurp complete control of our government.


In the real world, resources are limited. Unknown to most liberals, the government can not just wantonly print money; it needs to procure it from the economy and citizens of our Nation. Every dollar spent to improve the life of an illegal alien, is money which would have been spent to improve the lives of disadvantaged American Citizens (indulge the Left). I wish I were given the opportunity to publicly call out each and everyone of our Country’s liberal black representatives in Congress and the Senate- to show how irrefutably damaging their continuous support of “illegal alien causes” is to the American minority citizen voters who they have sworn to serve. I believe that spending billions in tax dollars to enhance the lives of law breaking, foreign nationals, represents the greatest travesty perpetrated against unknowing citizens in the last one hundred years.

In fact, this may denote the key to success and effectively serve to turn around this entire outrageous situation. Most black Americans have nationalist instincts and I trust that they would rally against accommodating illegal aliens with our Nation's tax dollars- if they knew that this support was coming at their expense! No one on either side of the argument ever addresses this logic. Instead, we are subject to the unremitting, obnoxious rant of “politically correct” Liberals vilifying as racist, anyone who opposes the use of citizen tax dollars for Illegal Alien health care, childbirth, education or any other service exclusive to our citizenry.

Liberals cast the illegal immigrant trespassers as representing victims; we need to put the spotlight on the real victims - America Minorities whose Country has abandoned them in favor or foreign nationals. We need to turn the focus around and have our own America underprivileged minorities proclaim, “If not for money spent on foreign nationals, they would have received more job training, more assistance in their career search, more services and more job opportunities, which are now getting filled by illegal aliens- who will often work for substandard wages, while US tax dollars pay for their food, medical care and housing.” Given the egregiously hypocritical, bias forces in our nation who are pushing for Amnesty, this is our best solution. It will force Black liberal Democrat Politicians to reverse course or get voted out!

The aforementioned strategy is also an easy sell and the only one which will force members of the opposition to change their positions on this issue. Urgency is the key and action must be put in motions as soon as possible. Every year we rally together for a new battle, while through attrition, the amnesty people chip away and make gains. Then they slip into the darkness to begin plotting their next assault on our culture. Up to now, nothing else has worked to break the status quo and to dislodge the senseless, ignoramus open boarder lobby from advocating its positions, however, this strategy has the potential of putting them on the defensive. I can remember the arguments during the Reagan administration when liberals and many Republicans, pushed through what was to be the final bill, putting the issue to rest. History has proven unequivocally that they were wrong.

In addition to our current campaign, it would be prudent to launch a subsidiary initiative aimed at putting an end to the issue without compromising one iota. At no other time in history, has an elected government consistently and continuously supported a national policy platform directly at odds with the welfare of its citizenry, as has been the case for past fifty years concerning this issue.
Subsequently, pursuing this strategy will afford access, currently unavailable; to educate citizens on the perils of Obama’s egregious socialized healthcare initiative, “Less Quality for More People”.

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