Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Apology Tour II

For a clear minded person to believe that President Obama’s naïve foreign policy platform has any chance to succeed, he would have to completely disregard: all prior knowledge, education, intelligence, historic precedent, common wisdom and sense of reality.

During President Obama’s recent Part II Apology tour speech, he made an offensive moral equivalency, which I feel, suggests delusional core beliefs which can only by attributed to an unexposed pathology. Obama spoke movingly about the Holocaust and the plight of the Jewish people confronting anti Semitism and then he said on the other hand you have to take into consideration the Palestinian people who’ve been displaced; as if the murder of 6 million Jews in Europe during World War II was equivalent to the plight of the Palestinian People. Obama then went on to say that the Palestinian had the right to be upset at being displaced and that it is easy for the Israelis to point to the attacks on their people- as if these two things are morally equivalent as well.

Obama forgets the history of how the State of Israel came to exist, as the aftermath of the withdrawal of the British when the Arabs attempted to push the Jews into the Mediterranean. Keep in mind, that prior to Britain’s departure there were no formal, bordered Israeli or Palestinian States. It was the Arabs who rebuked and chose not to recognize, the British plans establishing two distinct separate homelands for the Jews and the Palestinians.

Prior to Britain’s segmentation of the Middle East, the Arabs existed as wandering tribes. Their failure to accept a Jewish State was based of hatred and had nothing to do with fairness. This is proven by the fact, that the rest of the Arab tribes, quickly claimed title and assumed sovereignty of the areas which had been apportioned to them by the British, even though these divisions had nothing to do with the ethnic compositions of the citizenries living within the newly established boarders. For instance, the vast majority of Jordan’s population is made up of Palestinians while Jordanians represent a minority of the citizenship. Yet, the ruling family fiefdom, with authority over the citizenship is Jordanian. Furthermore, the number of Palestinians within Jordan dwarfs the total amount of Palestinians surrounding Israel who allege they have been denied a homeland.

In my view, unrest in the Middle East is entirely driven by the underlying fact, that all of the Arab Countries in the region are governed by authoritative regimes who stop at nothing to remain in power. In turn, it is in their interest to use the Palestinians as a pawn to stir up hatred of the Jews and their Allies. This constant state of heated anxiety, propagated by Aljazeera and the Government controlled media, serves the purpose of displacing any potential manifestation of discontent which would occur if the citizens were afforded the prospect to reflect on their own lives. If the population’s of these Arab fiefdoms were ever given a break from this contrived unrest, the focus would undoubtedly shift to their lack of individual rights, the absence of free elections and the lack of available opportunities to improve their standards of living.

Obama’s performance vividly exposed his failure to properly read the region. His speech was a remarkable tone deaf, pandered to the audience who was in front of him and entirely disregarding history and America’s interests. He did NOT challenge them often; he talked about the great history of Islam for tolerance and then failed to dwell on the current intolerance which so often dominates the region.

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