Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Posted Comment on Hip-Hop Republicans on NYC and liberal grip on confused Black population

I live in what might be the highest concentration of unadulterated close minded, ignorant, hateful, liberal Progressives in the free world - the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Regardless of appearances, what disturbs me most is that when it comes to their personal lives, the vast majority of these abject, cowardly nitwits are stingy, cheap, repressive tyrants. The reason these folks need to unremittingly launch personal attacks against anyone in support of individual Liberty is that this is all they have. Most of these idiots are educated and know they can not argue with intellectual heft that their ideas possess merit, due to the fact that when implemented, their policy proposals have always failed miserably, without exception.

Regardless of outward appearances, what I find most disheartening is that the majority of these self-professed elitists are driven by a need for power and a sense of personal adulation they ascertain by controlling others. They actually could care less about anyone or anything other than themselves. However, although it is often painstaking, always time consuming and sometimes dangerous-some of them can be shown the light and converted, because the truth and facts are on our side.

Therefore the author is correct with what must be done and it is all of our responsibility not to cower but instead spread and profess the truth continuously to everyone, for ourselves and for those whose potential will be limited due without knowledge of the truth. Never forget, Racism is a product of the Left, it is a form of collectivism, a communal phenomenon; whereas the Right-wing is individualism, individual rights, freedom and the dignity of individual life. Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Asian, Anti-Negro, Anti-immigrant, Anti-homosexual are all creations of the Left.

We must champion the truth, which the Left has totally reversed. The Nazi's were National Socialists! A real life example is the fact that I personally asked over 30 Black friends and acquaintances if they knew that Martin Luther King was a Republican and not one of them knew this was the case. None of my friends knew that it was a Democrat, Governor Wallace who blocked the door at the segregated University of Alabama. Furthermore, they were ignorant to the fact that all of the States in opposition of desegregation where governed by Democrats! To regain the heart and minds of urban American, we must spread the truth.

The cancerous control of the Left over our Nation's urban populations has been accomplished through the soft bigotry of low expectations and is nothing more than a physiological ploy to control the apathetic, which was developed in the 1920’s by Socialist radicals in Germany. This is the root of today’s prevailing, villainous, evil mindset, which makes it acceptable for Blacks to ruthlessly disparage fellow American Blacks who have achieved unsurpassed greatness in their fields, solely based on the fact that they believe in Republican principles(IE) Condoleezza Rice, Justice Thomas etc. There are no other examples in World History, where an ethnicity accepts as common practice, that it is customary to besmirch fellow members with in its race, based on that individual’s non-intrusive personal beliefs.

Think about it, the Conquistadors, who killed thousands, are not virally hated by Americans of Spanish decent. I've never heard Mongolians express a hatred of Genghis Khan, or British Americans claim they despise King Henry the Eighth, French Americans mock Napoleon, or Italian Americans vilify Christopher Columbus, nor have I ever witnessed German Americans denigrating Bismarck; on the contrary, people are proud of their lineage, regardless of the terrible acts these historic figures may have committed (Hitler and Stalin were modern lunatics who are exceptions to the rule.)

In my opinion, the permeation of this absurd reality throughout today’s Black American Culture represents the greatest unacknowledged abomination of our lifetime. It infers that members of the Black Race are incapable of holding different opinions and that those who do must be destroyed by the Black Majority. Obviously, the members of this site unequivocally prove the falsity of this hypothesis, however, due to Liberal control of our Nation’s media and educational system, it is not an opinion shared in action by the majority of American’s Black population. Therefore, it is our duty to correct this present day tragedy. The truth will set us free.

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