Thursday, August 6, 2009

The disgraceful supporters of Obama Care

There’s a certain irony in an administration denouncing ordinary Americans who get together to express what they believe and to confront authority; when that administration is led by a man who began his career as a community organizer. A community organizer's job as I understand it: is to get ordinary Americans together, and help them convey what they believe and express demands against the authorities.

The comments made by Gibb’s, the media and other members of the Obama Administration are incredibly hypocritical. Of course, this only happens when you have a conservative protest, then it’s called a “mob”. If it’s a liberal protest, it’s called the grass roots expressing themselves. Remember just a year ago, during the Bush administration, when dissent was the highest form of patriotism? However, now it’s a kind of organized anger; it’s a facsimile of anger; it’s un- Patriotic, it’s whatever.

Look, today there is a genuine revolt against the idea of remaking a system, when: over 80% of Americans have health insurance, 5 of 6 of those, are happy with their health care and 4 of 5 are happy with their health insurance. At the same time, you have an Administration, arrogantly deciding it’s going to tear it all up and start all over; and people are surprised that there are protests and say that it had to be manufactured? Of course it’s spontaneous, if people go together on a bus that is entirely legitimate, for it gives them courage.

Protesting the Vietnam War was a multi-million dollar organized business which sponsored innumerable organized protests. In fact, the vast majority of all protests are and have always been organized. Every protest for abortion rights, animal rights, against the G2 summit, ACORN picketing on the street, code pink sitting in front of Bush's ranch, etc.,has been organized behind it. It is grossly despicable to hear Obama and our current radical, biased main stream media tactically disparage American citizens in an attempt to discredit their dissenting opinion, rather that intellectually addressing their concerns.

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