Friday, August 28, 2009

The unacceptable agenda of Obama the ideologue

It is reprehensible that this administration and this attorney general are launching criminal probes into the actions of men and women who protected America in one of our darkest, most dangerous moments.
There are two separate and distinct points being over looked. The first is that the ones who ran the CIA program are the ones who initially “blew the whistle” and brought the issue to the attention of the Inspector General and an investigation was conducted.

Second, the investigator then turned over the findings to the Department of Justice, 5 years ago; the career prosecutors then looked into it and said we’re not going to prosecute except for one case, which they did.

Attorney General Holder is acting on an ideological agenda. He does not have the security interest of the United States at heart and he is going to do enormous damage to America’s security and America’s intelligence gathering capability. Here we have men and women who did things that were authorized only after the CIA met with the Defense Department, the Justice Department and outside experts to set the guidelines. Then the guidelines were reviewed by the Justice Department, blessed in a series of memorandums, all of which took place, with the awareness of Congress. Now we are looking back and deciding that in following these set and approved procedures, the people protecting our lives, did something wrong?

How’s that going to effect future behavior? If you’re a CIA guy and you’re trying to protect America, are you going to look for a tough assignment? Are you going to do the tough thing? Are you going to do something, within the law or are you going hold back and do as little as possible, for fear of having yourself end up, at the twilight of your career, stuck in front of a federal prosecutor, paying for $100’s of thousands of dollars in legal bills out of your own pocket?

Let’s step back even further for just a moment. These techniques were used on: Jose Padilla who was about to use dirty bombs to blow up apartment buildings using natural gas explosions; on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the master mind of 9-11, where the information we got from him was so vital, it’s still classified today; and on Al Nasiriyah, the man who master minded the Cole terrorist attack.

Just think about the plots that we know which have been publically discussed, that we were able to stop because of the information we gained from these techniques. * The plot to bring down 8 or 10 flights over the Pacific simultaneously, *The plan to fly an airplane into Britain’s Heathrow Airport, *The plan to attack American trains, *The plot to blow up gas stations in the United States, * The terrorist plan to fly a plane into the Liberty Tower in Los Angeles; and these techniques worked! Accordingly, if anybody needs to figure out whether they worked or not- just read the Inspector General’s report that’s being sited by the opponents of these techniques! However, be sure to read the report yourself, and see the overwhelming amount of clear, concise and convincing evidence proving that these techniques kept America safe.

I read the reports from a legal perspective and laughed, while thinking to myself how they plan to prosecute based on what they had, which exclusively consisted of: rampant hearsay, opinion and speculation-which was just one of the reasons sited by the career prosecutors in choosing not to go forward. Therefore, given complete culmination of the facts, it is clear that the Obama administration is not concerned with justice.

Obama’s motives are frightening and resemble nothing in our Nation’s history of jurisprudence. Even creepier, it that Holder is the same Attorney General:

  • Who single handedly stopped the filing of a criminal, Voter Intimidation Indictment against the Black Panther thugs, who stood in front of a polling station last election, wearing militant uniforms and carrying clubs.

  • Who concurred with the opinion that (D) Senator Dodd, the head of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversaw Country Wide Mortgage Company and (D) Senator Conrad, did not receive favorable treatment from Country Wide (possibly the largest single contributing entity of our current financial crisis), even through each Senator received personal mortgage loans, at a rate 2% points lower than the current Federal Rates Rate on the day their loans were consummated.

  • Who went out of his way, to show no opposition to Scotland’s release of the mass murdering, Libyan terrorist, who a jury convicted of killing 270 people, mostly Americans;

  • Who on his second to last day in office, pressured former President Clinton to Pardon, his client: exiled, multi-million dollar tax cheat and total dirt-bag client, Mark Rich;

  • Who yesterday gave the order to drop the multi-year, felony, bribery and conspiracy investigation and forthcoming indictment against sleaze ball, Arizona Governor Richardson, claiming insufficient evidence. Ironically, when the charges were initially filed, Richardson, unilaterally withdrew his nomination to serve in Obama’s Cabinet; which is an unprecedented step for someone to take, who knows the pending charges against him are meritless.

I fear we are on the cusp of losing the Country we know.


mspumpkinhead said...

i agree with you

mspumpkinhead said...

i agree with you

mspumpkinhead said...

i agree with you

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