Friday, January 29, 2010

More Theft of Citizen Tax Dollars for Obama's Union Cronies

Obama's latest high-speed train grant scheme is not only another egregious assault on capitalism, but also an enormous theft of American tax dollars. This is the most repugnant scam Obama has pulled off in weeks. Obama’s Socialist Grants stipulate that all persons employed, in any capacity on projects, must be union workers and receive full Union Compensation rates as well as benefits for their work.

So, let's see... only 7% of American Workers are in unions. Of this 7%, approximately 3.5% are teachers, traffic controllers, government employees etc. In addition, Florida, where one of these grants will be implemented, is a state where citizens have consistently voted against unionization. In reality, business sense dimwit, incompetent ideologue Obama is actually jamming Leftist, forced unionization, social re-engineering programs, down our throats, under the guise of job creation.

In short, Obama’s sucker grants of our money, will serve to destroy opportunity for non-union workers, as well as those who subsequently join unions to attain jobs. These rookie union members: will have no seniority, will face considerable probationary periods before their benefits vest and will be paid hourly wage rates, which are horrifically less than the tax dollar amounts received by the Union, for the hours worked.

Since the cost of these projects will necessarily be exorbitant (far above market value), free market commerce for competing parts, service and labor companies, not included in Obama’s grant, will effectively shut down. Furthermore, given that the government must borrow this money: available capital and money flow will remain constricted making it very difficult for private companies to borrow money. Aside from Obama, Union Bosses are the ones who will be unjustifiably benefit from this scam.

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