Wednesday, January 27, 2010

“People are more conservative than they think but just fear the word CONSERVATIVE"

My response to a fellow conservative twitterer when she tweeted: “People are more conservative than they think but just fear the word CONSERVATIVE":

Your comment “People are more conservative than they think but just fear the word "conservative" is extremely significant. The thought of this truism, shocks my sensibilities and should serve as wake up call to everyone.
The fact that this mindset exists in American, is proof positive that Leftists have and continue to successfully undermine the foundation of every facet of our society.
It is fundamentally absurd for anyone to consciously choose, not to be associated with a word which represents: maximum independence, ultimate liberty and a conviction to maintain a system which bestows more freedom to the individual, than any system of governance, mankind has ever know.
The roots of this convoluted state of affairs can be traced back to the turn of the 20th century. This was when self-anointed intellectual/elitists, along with their Leftist cronies in the media, first began to manipulate, twist, and redefine the meaning of established ‘words’ to suit their agenda. Unfortunately, this unremitting, ulterior motive driven sabotage has accelerated to a point where success is no longer based on merit, but rather a composite formula of Politically Correct Idiocy. Frankly, this phenomenon is perhaps the most under reported and misunderstood dimension of the diabolical Left’s scheme to dominate our lives.

Given that their policy platforms have always failed miserably, without exception, Leftists must rely on trickery and deception to survive.  Incessantly, for over a century, they have systematically replaced, altered and substituted their own definitions for common, recognized, traditional words of our vernacular. This keen ability to clandestinely recreate the embodiment of traditional vocabulary is the most prolific tool in their arsenal of obfuscation.

History clearly shows that every word title, describing the filthy, parasitical Left, eventually becomes a disparaging embarrassing and undesirable title to possess. Once their true fascist evil becomes clear, to even the most naive members of the citizenry, they quickly move to disown their title or namesake. Very few of them refer to themselves as Liberal, because now most consider it a derogatory term. Even Obama the ‘Scammer and Chief’, never calls himself  a Liberal, instead he weasels around to paint himself as a ‘middle of the road’ kind of guy.

Remember, at the turn of the century, up until WWII, they referred to themselves as Progressives. Then after their true beliefs and mental dementia became obvious (Just go back and read some 1920's issues of Leftist Magazines like the "Nation", praising Stalin and Mussolini as the kind of leaders America should embrace), they had to quickly disassociate themselves from the title "Progressive". In short, it was a group of radical leftist revolutionaries in German, who brainstormed and decided to usurp the word Liberal from the word "Liberalism", which had long-standing roots going back to the Roman Empire, "the Age of Enlightenment", and was later used by John Locke to define life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Note: Liberalism was the definition of the belief system associated with "Strict Conservatism". Ironically, they disingenuously hijacked the root of an adjective for Conservatism and defined their new word to describe its antithesis! Clearly, they have always been rotten to the core. Unfortunately, the Left controls the school systems and habitually rewrites history.  Today the vast majority of our citizenry is poorly educated on US history and oblivious to the story I described.

As expected, in accordance to their sleazy protocol, Leftists have again begun to refer to themselves as 'Progressives'. Nothing they promulgate has ever been successful or improved the standard of living one iota for any population in the history of the planet. Furthermore, not only have their delusional policies, always failed miserably, without exception-they have always made things worse for the majority of the people who have been subjugated by them.

In Sum:

• They don’t admit they are Leftist, Liberal or Progressive.

• They can not support their fantasy rhetoric with intelligence or anything representing a cogent, fact based argument.

• They constantly steal twist and redefine words to disparage their opponents and force others to succumb to their agenda.

• They follow the same egregious playbook for every issue, policy, position and opinion. This directs them to:

1) Avoid giving or talking about the details, repercussions, tradeoffs or subsequent consequences of your proposals

2) Never answer any questions about their positions or get drawn into discussing the facts, even if the concerns addressed are indeed legitimate. Instead, continuously launch personal attacks on the individuals who do not support your policy objectives.

3) Last but not least, for every single policy position taken, pick a villain and do whatever is possible to destroy that entity or person, regardless of whether or not he, she, or it can be legitimately connection to the issue of contention.

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Leona said...

I definitely agree with the premise that "people are more conservative than they think...." My family is a perfect example. They all lead very conservative lifestyles and their views about many things are conservative but, for some reason, they don't consider themselves "conservative." Even my "liberal" friends have many conservative views.
Leona Salazar