Monday, August 31, 2009

Comment Response to fellow Hip-Hop Republican member, concerning her posted article blaming the ills of today's Republican Party on the over acknowledgment of Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh

Thanks for your article Shirley; However, I disagree with you entirely. You are missing the larger picture. The Left controls 95% of the media and 99% of the educational institutions. Given that their policies and beliefs can not be intellectually supported, they must promulgate hatred towards anyone who questions their idiocy. I sympathize with you sentiments, and am happy you are a Conservative. Yet you are failing to appreciate that the vast majority of Conservatives are older than you and that it is not in our interest to attack anyone who is authentically on our side. The left does this for a living and your misguided dismay, is counter productive at best. Never forget, that it often takes a person many years to recognize the truth. Think about it; there are countless stories of far left liberals, who see the light and become staunch Conservatives (Horowitz, Eldridge Cleaver etc.) but I am unaware of the reverse having ever occurred. Accordingly, we all gain wisdom with age.

Rather than getting upset when someone refers to themselves as a Reagan Conservative, why don’t you direct your anger at the plethora of people who subscribe to the delusional, proven to fail, Statist philosophy? I know you are young, but Reagan wasn’t too long ago and what he did for our cause is unparallel. For God Sakes-how often do you hear the disingenuous Democrats comparing Obama to John F Kennedy’s? Reagan was 5 Presidents after JFK!

You are obviously intelligent, so please take some time to study and get a grasp of the meaning of Conservatism and Conservative Principles; they are timeless and never get old. In a nut shell, we believe that people are inherently good and that individual freedom is paramount. Obama and his cohorts believe that we are incapable of living to our potential and that they have the right to dictate what is best for us, for our own good. (They are the smart people), In addition, you probably have no idea how Reagan went against the prevailing wisdom of “Détente”, which resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Another thing you should understand, relating to Reagan’s greatness, was that he was able to put through policies which validated much of what we stand for. Yes, Obama has unwisely spent more money than any President in history; however, his party controls both houses. Did you know that Reagan was able to change the world, completely reverse 100’s of counter-productive Democrat imposed regulations, at the same time that the Democrats had majorities in both the House and Senate? I guess you never wondered why he was called the “Great Communicator”. Shirley if people want to refer to themselves as a Reagan Conservative, so be it, it shouldn’t offend you. In fact, it should help you better understand their belief system. We are a party of ideas. Liberals (as they deceptively call themselves) are the ones who must follow the leader like drones, in fear of reprisal. Mark Levin’s recent best seller “Liberty and Tyranny” is a good book for you to read. It will help you better understand the basis of the things you already believe.

Next, Shirley, have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh-yourself? What damage is he doing? You are completely confused here and without even knowing it, you are repeating Democrat spin.
Shirley, you need to listen to him sometime and stop having your opinions influenced by others, who are often driven by ulterior motives. Again, remember that the policies of the Democrats are indefensible and the only recourse they have is to attack their critiques. Aside from acting less Presidential, than any President in history, why do you think Obama personally attacked Limbaugh? If Limbaugh was hurting us, would the head of the Democrat Party and the rest of the Democrats continuously disparage him? Would Obama have appointed his new communist sympathizer, FCC Czar Lloyd, whose primary goal is to shut down Limbaugh?

Shirley why do you think they still continue to attack Palin? It’s because they are scared shitless of her. If you want to know who Liberals fear, simply look at who they attack. (Ex) As a private citizen, Palin, didn’t write an article, conduct and interview with a reporter or call up a news source. She simply posted something on her Facebook page, which not only created a national uproar, but forced the Democrats to remove an entire section from their egregious Obama Care scam plan; while everything Republican Congressman had been offering for months had been denied.

Shirley, it’s too bad we don't have someone in our Party who can speak like Reagan today. Do yourself a favor, and please listen to this 10 minute recording of Reagan in 1961 speaking against Government health Care! This is another reason why we must always remember our past, because Liberals need to control, they never go away and if Obama Care doesn't go through this time- they will be back!!! Just listen and substitute the references to people's names with Obama, Pelosi, Waters, Frank, Reid etc. Listen to the brilliance of his thoughts. He wrote his own speeches, this was way before he was President. As Americans we never want to deny people of healthcare........

Concerning these people: Tavis Smiley, DL Hughley, Al Sharpton, people like you need to get out into the community and find ways to explain to the young people how people like Al, profit on misery. Please watch this video of Harry Alford on the O'Reilly Factor. I posted it earlier, but it is priceless. Alford is a businessman, which is a colorblind profession. Even O’Reilly, doesn't understand, when he says that" (D) Boxer likes black people, she just doesn't like conservatives" however Alcorn does! - Yes, she likes black people who are in their place!! This is what the left is all about; they truly believe that they are better and smarter than us.

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