Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jimmy Carter and the lowlife despicable Race Baiters

The underlying premise used by race baiters to base their argument is flawed. They employ a ludicrous line of reasoning, which is aimed at ending the conversation and unjustly destroying the credibility of alternate opinions. Would it be fair to declare racist all Black men, who disagree with opinions put forth by white men? Following that line of reasoning, only serves to discredit the integrity of people offering tenable criticism. Open discussion and the exchange of ideas, including constructive criticism, is precisely what our system is all about and what makes it work. Evoking the "Race Card" is cowardly, lacks intellectual heft and amplifies the weakness of one’s argument. It represents a sure-fire way to change the conversation and force an off point response, which has nothing to do with the issue of discussion. Disingenuous dimwits, who unwarrantedly employ this tactic, are a disgrace to civilized society. Concerning Anti-Semite, former President Jimmy Carter: just remember, he is the only human being on the planet with not just 1, but 2 of his books on Bin Laden’s recently released “Must Read” list. Furthermore, President Obama received a higher percentage of the White vote than Kerry. All of Obama’s outrageous, insane and destructive policies are failing! President Obama is unlike any President in our Nation's History, he is a far left radical, who is stopping at nothing to fundamentally change the systemic fabric of our great Nation.

The whole point of the Obama Campaign, for a lot of Liberals, was that he was going to help us, transcend race and what that’s really turning out to mean is: If you disagree with Obama, you are against transcending race; therefore you must be a racist. In turn, as the Democrats get more and more desperate, that argument, which they have already used against the tea party folks, which they’ve used against the elderly Americans attending town halls, will be used to limit our input. Trust me, with far left radical, NY Times columnists and Obama hand puppets, Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd banging their spoons on each other’s high chairs every week, claiming that everything points to racism, the situation is going to get far worse before it gets better.

It’s not just health care, that’s kind of the fulcrum (right now) for the public discontent. I would argue that it goes way deeper and it goes to a general distrust of what the Obama Federal Government says it’s going to do, want it wants to do, and what actually will transpire. That’s the chasm and that is what the Democratic Politicians are having a hard time bridging. Everything they say doesn't make sense and the American People do not believe the nonsense President Obama continues to force feed them. Regardless of what, smooth operator, Obama says: ObamaCare is Health Care redistribution, it takes $500 Billion dollars of health care from the elderly in Medicare and Medicaid funds for nursing homes and gives it to people who are younger, healthier and richer but at the moment lack health insurance - And that redistribution is something that seniors can not and will not support!

In reality, everything we are discussing here is meaningless. Obama is a radical and radicals believe that they are in the army of the saints and that they are the righteous people. Obama’s history proves he doesn’t like to debate his opponents/ critics, he has to destroy them. This is clear by the fact that his run for president was the first campaign where he actually had a legitimate opponent and not a last minute replacement for the one whose character had been destroyed. History will prove that nothing Obama has done or intends to do, will have contributed to improving the welfare of our great Nation. His administration is driven by a quest for power, and the power is actualized by recreating things into a different reality then they originally were. Whether or not “the change” results in an improved condition is immaterial. It’s all about power. Radicals adopt positions and take up issues, simply to advance their power. They never think of what it’s going to look like, or how to put it together. Until the cap & tax bill, which they temporarily put on the back burner and heath care, Obama was able to pass bills without inspection. Now, given the abysmal failure of his policy proposals quickly coming to light, the citizenry finally woke up. I can tell you, but anyone can see for themselves: that before he is challenged, a radical never spends 5 seconds on thinking what his policies will subsequently do in practice. President Obama has proven this by the fact that he hasn’t written any of the bills he has relentlessly supported. In fact, until he hit a road block with ObamaCare, he never even concerned himself with the details of the egregious policies he signed into law. Case in point: anyone with a sense of economic literacy knows that his aberrant Stimulus Bill was not aimed at job creation, which is the only objective of an economic stimulus bill.

Radicals like Obama never spend time discerning what makes a society work, because if what they do leads to crisis, they will be able to make even more systemic changes to the landscape. This is the way they work; they want to know what they can get away with; to advance this big agenda-which is = you get power and change everything.

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