Friday, January 8, 2010

Response to Conservative friend concerning ills of California

Cheryl, I wholeheartedly agree that California is a disgrace. Everything you touched on is true, but the only way to get a grip on California’s advanced disease is to regain Control of our Nation. Unfortunately, the situation is analogous to stage four cancer and requires more than pragmatic treatment. In short, I deduce that a primary driver of California’s demise is the unionization of Government employees, the roots of which can be traced to the unionization of our failing public school systems. I believe that industrial unions successfully helped our society flourish and protect workers throughout the manufacturing boom of the 20th century. However, the creation of public government unions have and continue to destroy our country (SEIU is the largest and under Obama its grip is increasing tenfold). Last month, the nation lost another 88,000 jobs, while during the same month Obama hired 3000 new government employees, all of which are now new SEIU members. Subsequently, the economy lost only 85,000 jobs.

If you stomach isn’t turning already, listen to this: the average salary of a California Government employee (all localities, counties, cities, community colleges etc. included.) is $136,000 + benefits (healthcare & retirement pensions which push the mean well over $150K). The average annual salary of an American citizen is $60,000 per year and in California, with their Leftist open boarder policies, is only $45,000! This scenario is outrageous!

Never in history have non-competitive, paper pushing, safe from poor performance termination, government jobs been more economically lucrative than those of the free-market! It is impossible for a Republic to survive under these conditions!

Unions are created to balance the power prism when business organizations are adversarial in nature (IE) factory company owners and the workers. Given this incontrovertible fact, who the hell is the adversary of Government employees, the tax payer? Our government represents us, “We the People”!  All of which I described is part of the Left’s diabolical plan to destroy capitalism and America as we know it.

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