Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scammer and Chief Obama's Free on Discretionary Spending Ploy is More LEFTIST SOPHISTRY!

Be prepared to cringe tomorrow when our Scammer and Chief delivers his latest slight of hand, Obfuscation Address. It pains me to consider all of the ignorant people, who may actually be swayed into believing that he is acting frugally. His catastrophically disingenuous, Freeze Discretionary Spending does not include: 

  • The unspent $522 Billion from the $843 Billion scam stimulus, nor

  • The $483 Billion 2010 Omnibus Spending Bill, which was added after OBAMA passed the biggest budget in our Nation's history (during a recession) and let’s not forget

  • The $285 Billion of repaid TARP money, which was supposed to be returned to the Treasury when paid back.

As we speak, Congress is about to pass, a second $146-$180 Billion dollar, waste of money, Keynesian Stimulus Bill (also not included), and of course don't forget ObamaCare, which is still lurking in the shadows. But what is worse and even more egregious is the fact that last year, during a recession, Obama, systematically increased all Federal Government agencies an average of 26% above their 2008 total budgets. So now by freezing spending, he is creating an entirely new baseline, at far higher numbers than what they were when he took office. Did I mention we were in a recession? And if this wasn't bad enough, when Obama took office in 2009, he immediately gave a presidential order to increase the legal limit amount of Discretionary Spending by $40 Billion from its ending level in 2008. In 2010, Obama increased the allowable limit for discretionary spending an additional $100 Billion more! So, in total he has already increased the permitted discretionary spending limit $140 Billion dollars per year, from what it was when he took office-AND THIS IS SEPARATE FROM ALL THE OTHER SPENDING HE HAS BEEN SIGNING OFF.

Obama’s spending freeze is on top of an 84% increase in domestic discretionary spending that he signed into law; the freeze is delayed one year. So it really isn’t fiscal discipline, it’s the rhetoric of fiscal discipline but the policy of the opposite. If a freeze on spending is urgent, why suspend for a year?

The tax credit idea he’s talking about, when that’s been tried before in the Carter administration, it didn’t work. So we are looking at what works to grow the economy and this doesn’t work. More importantly the debt and the deficit are just getting out of control and the administration is still pumping through billions upon trillions of new spending- That does not grow the economy. If borrowing and spending led to more jobs, then we’d be at full employment already.

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